Streaming Metric Visualizations and Notifications

for Product and Operational Teams

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Design, integrate & broadcast metrics at scale.

Streaming Metrics

Derive metrics in real time from your data sources


Telemetry is a software platform that enables streaming of metrics derived from your data in real time. Metrics are derived snapshots of data sent and viewed in real time.

Telemetry lets you keep your metrics secure while creating a feedback loop for immediate action.

Beautiful Animated Dashboards

Bring your metrics to life with our intuitive editor

Configure your widgets and finalize your layout before integrating with your data.

With our comprehensive library of HTML5 widgets and responsive canvas, your metrics will look fantastic on mobile devices, 4K TVs, and video walls.

Animated Dashboards


Through threshold monitoring or automated anomaly detection

Remotely manage dashboards and viewers

Receive notifications and audible alerts when critical events occur. The Telemetry agent can optionally watch for anomalies in data streams and automatically raise notifications for you.

We've integrated notifications with iOS, the Apple Watch, Slack, Pager Duty and more.

Persistently Broadcast your Metrics

Securely manage viewers in a scalable fashion

Securely broadcast metrics on a need to know basis using native and browser based apps letting you persistently display your metrics to registered viewers and ensure you are in control.

And with applications like our Chrome App that runs in kiosk mode you ensure those dashboards persistently display 24/7 without interruption or administrator interaction.


Powerful Integrations

Giving you the framework to stream metrics in real time


Easily extend your application with streaming metrics by using your existing tools, programming languages, data models, ORMs and APIs.

We provide a software agent that runs in your OS environment next to your application. Our agents can run a script, query a database or API, receive Graphite data and even read spreadsheets, updating your metrics in real time.

Telemetry Enterprise    


Telemetry Enterprise Edition provides a full scale end to end solution. We will assist you with the integration, design, and deployment. Depending on your requirements, resources, and timeline, Telemetry can scale and adapt to your business’ requirements, budget and preferences.

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Telemetry Community    


Telemetry Community Edition is a free solution for developers. This version allows developers to explore the many features of Telemetry but is limited to individual use.

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