Works on all your favorite devices

laptops, tvs, tablets and smartphones


Remix your dashboards in to different dashboards with the same data. This allows you to create visualizations suitable for different devices or audiences.

Real Time

Data is pushed at wire speed to the dashboard as it is sent through to the Telemetry API. With such rapid responsiveness you can have your dashboard change each second.


Your data is safe and secure with Telemetry with enterprise grade security on data transmission and storage.


Any dashboard can be virtualized to have different sets of data but the same layout. This can also be extended as Telemetry affiliates where the other dashboards have their own accounts.


Telemetry dashboards dynamically scale to any size. With this you can embed an entire dashboard in another webpage, or alternatively just embed indivdual widgets throughout your webpage.

Integrate your data sources

Use our powerful API to integrate your custom data sources.
Telemetry also works off the shelf with many popular web services.